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Add DrupalConsole to a project using Acquia Lightning distribution

Posted on Nov 28, 2016

Lightning is a base distribution maintained by Acquia. In this short blog post you will learn how to fix the dependency conflicts when trying to add DrupalConsole to a project using the Lightning distribution.

Lightning distribution repository at github

Link of the reported issue between dependencies of the Lightning distribution and DrupalConsole 

Download Lightning distribution

As you can read we are passing the `--no-install` flag, this will skip installation of the package dependencies, and it is required to avoid the conflict between dependencies.

Download DrupalConsole

According to project instructions at readme file.

This command will add the DrupalConsole dependency to the composer.json file and then resolve and download Lightning + DrupalConsole.

Download DrupalConsole on a current project based on Lightning distribution

If you already have a project using the Lightning distribution then you can download DrupalConsole by executing

By using the  `--no-update` flag we are disabling the automatic update of the dependencies.

Finally just execute the following composer command to update project dependencies.

Thanks to Adam Balsama for this recommendation at the issue.