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Drupal Console 1.4.0

Posted on Jan 08, 2018

Drupal Console 1.4.0 is out. The newest release contains several bug fixes, one new command, and one compatibility break related to chain command's placeholder definition.

New Features

  • composerize: A new command to help you convert a Drupal codebase from non-composer to composer with Drupal Console.

Composerize one

Composerize two

Required Changes

1.- Some copied files via `init` command to home and/or project directory are no longer required. Files to remove:

From path(s) `~/.console/` and/or `path/to/site/console`

  • aliases.yml
  • phpcheck.yml
  • router.php
  • site.mode.yml

From path(s) `~/.console/chain` and/or `path/to/site/console/chain`

  • develop-contribute.yml
  • quick-start.yml
  • site-new.yml

2.- In preparation for v2.0, placeholder definition for chain commands changed. Make sure you update your chain files accordingly.

Placeholder Before Current
Inline %{{name}} {{name}}
Environment ${{NAME}} %env(NAME)%

NOTE: New environment placeholder is based on New in Symfony 3.4: Advanced environment variables 



3fda33c [console] Tag 1.4.0 release. (#3661)
a860f39 [composerize] Add translation keys. (#3660)
9ae59ed [console] Add missing parameter when initializing Drupal. (#3659)
4db8f5a [console] Apply PSR-2 code style. (#3658)
42c18c3 Add support of --yes (confirmation) parameter for the command, which generate the code and files (#3656)
b586b25 Issue 2178 replace code with module from input (#3653)
6c809c5 [console] Update configuration file paths. (#3657)
7af7c4b Replace assertResponse with ->assertSession()->statusCodeEquals(); (#3654)
e11c3ba [console] Apply PSR-2 code style. (#3652)
5076f18 [config:import] Add skip-uuid option flag. (#3638)
0b89228 [config:export] Remove _core if it's empty. (#3651)
cacaa08 [console] Fix ModuleTrait class. (#3650)
7780d2c Add new method for ModuleTrait, which get module name from input. Replace the code in the FormCommand (#3642)
f30e6e5 Add views display manager through DI (#3646)
268569a [composerize] Add command. (#3643)
115b81e Replace strings theme_default and theme_admin with translations for them (#3640)
b9eebb0 FIX #3556: Add urlRouteParameters function to the content entity class (#3637)
ce6834c #3621 by andrewbelcher: Remove _core if it's empty. (#3629)
384c54c offer module as an interactive option in config:export:single - fixes #3631 (#3632)
407b89e check that the content type exists - fixes #3626 (#3627)
f4e4437 throw exception if module does not exist - fixes #3609 (#3625)
317211a [config:export:content:type] Add --remove-uuid and --remove-config-hash - fixes #3622 (#3623)
d1b230f [console] Support for configurations has multilanguage (#3605)
8f47242 [console] Implement ConfigurationManager changes. (#3649)


d88f4e2 [console] Tag 1.4.0 release. (#272)
39c66a7 [debug:settings] Remove config file(s) list. (#271)
7ac3f2b [console] Fix load config files when running from phar. (#270)
b2614a1 [init] Add defaults example file. (#269)
83cc1a4 [chain] Update placeholders. (#268)
b31f346 [console] Relocate core config files. (#267)
8bc9d40 [console] Apply PSR-2 code style. (#266)
9dd5350 [debug:settings] settings display as yaml (#265)
7a31914 [console] Rework ConfigurationManager class. (#264)


9dd8e80 [composerize] Add translations. (#148)
49bf66c [config:export:content:type] Remove hash and uuid translations. (#147)


df9d16b [console] Tag 1.4.0 release. (#146)

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