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Drupal Console 1.7.0

Posted on Mar 07, 2018

Drupal Console 1.7.0 is out. The latest release contains several improvements to translations. Support for importing previously exported configuration after a site installation.

New Features

The `config:import` command support importing previously exported configuration after a reinstallation.

For more information read How to install Drupal 8 from an existing configuration

Required Changes

Add to your `console/config.yml` file:

      skip-validate-site-uuid: true



f4edcad [console] Tag 1.7.0 release. (#3819)
f60afb6 (drupal/master) [dotenv:init] Add .env dependency message. (#3818)
e66605e [config:*] Add configuration to stop site uuid config import/export error. (#3806)


af8b3e4 Add build and build:install chain examples. (#331)
086865c [init] Add site option. (#330)
55c84a9 [console] Tag 1.7.0 release. (#329)
da4dac8 [help] Validate examples at TextDescriptor class. (#328)
1e6afe1 [chain] Use weknowinc/drupal-project on chain commands. (#327)


916e121 Add plugin missing word, we generate not a button, we generate a plugin (#180)
374c97c Update help text to standard, as we have it in other commands (#181)
ca564b4 Add missing Enter word (#178)
d962a63 Plugin debug (#187)
5f1d78a Replace wrong help text for debug.test.yml (#182)
bade7d4 improve error handling for create:comments, create:roles, create:users, create:terms, create:vocabularies, create:nodes (#175)
a294111 Remove the duplication of a article (#179)
fabcbe2 Debug.features.yml (#185)
fcb2a3c Add description for an exmaple (#183)
baa474f Debug.database.table.yml (#186)
4652047 Debug.settings.yml (#184)


80a56ee [console] Tag 1.7.0 release. (#157)

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