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Drupal Console 1.9.1

Posted on Jul 16, 2019

Drupal Console 1.9.1 is out. 

This version includes fixed in code generators to complain about Drupal code standards, added a feature to get composer updates available and database dump improvements among other changes

New Features

  • The generate:theme command has a new option to import the default regions if the new theme is extended of a core theme.
  • The update:execute command supports the  --yes option to skip all the confirmation updates.
  • The generate:plugin:block command has a new option to create a template.
  • The config:import and  config:export implements an interactive mode.
  • The create:nodes command  has the new option to create revisions

Required Changes



3bcce31 [generate:theme] Add --base-theme-regions option (#4111)
22f114d [create:users] Fix time-range question (#4087)
e6e3332 add capability to accept updates via command option (#4109)
fca9572 4006 serialize (#4013)
04f43a7 [generate:plugin:block] Add template option (#4107)
aab9529 Remove unused variable (#4106)
79c425e [debug:update:composer] Add new command (#4105)
05d4f8f [module:install] Add dependencies validation (#4103)
fe45f9a [generate:module] Add default values --no-interaction (#4102)
c79f603 [composerize] Fixed key services (#4101)
c7ed72e [module:install] Fixed composer key trans (#4100)
032f80e [generate:plugin:block] Added code standard (#4099)
6fb6004 [generate:entity:content] Added owner option (#4098)
02498e8 [config:import | config:export] Added interactive mode (#4097)
9adfcba [templates] Add code standard to module file and permissions (#4096)
abbfb5d [templates] Add code standard (#4095)
483b7b2 Update version to 1.9.1 (#4094)
6f393c9 (origin/master) Update version to 1.9.1
11ad023 Update version to 1.9.1
541cd2e [generate:form] Input missing was fixed (#4093)
14dead1 [database:dump | database:restore] Implement the symfony process and remove escapeshellcmd (#4092)
e076e83 [create:nodes] Added the revision option (#4091)


6a196d6 Add language to getData (#359)
bffc461 [core] Add snippet to single commands (#358)
e2f0438 [statistics] Add extra validation (#357)
563c08b Update to version 1.9.1 (#356)


167660c Add base theme region string (#242)
292d164 Specify extension key (#241)
cdc910f Add fixes from documentation repository (#240)
15fb213 [debug:update:composer] Add strings (#239)
a22e25b [snippet] Add translation (#238)
d42c38d [generate:entity:content] Add string to owner option (#237)
308d118 [config:import | config:export] Add string to interative mode (#236)
94c03be [create:nodes] Add string to revision option (#235)


99081d6 Update composer for 1.9.1 release (#167)
e63ec6f Update version to 1.9.1 (#166)

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