Drupal Console and Beer - Brace Yourself Alpha is Coming

April 01, 2016

In this new episode, we talk about the latest release and new features. We also discuss the upcoming release 1.0.0-alpha1 and our goal to support Drupal 8.1.x release.

Events we attended recently:

Eduardo Garcia aka enzo attended DrupalCamp China to talk about Drupal 8 development effective and efficient with Drupal Console.

Where are we going next ?

For more information about where we are going and where will we be talking about Drupal Console visit our events page

Latest release:

0.10.15 - https://github.com/hechoendrupal/DrupalConsole/releases/tag/0.10.15


  • [update:*] Add support to post_update methods #2066 & #2075
  • [chain] Add interactive selection of discoverable chain files. #2068
  • [module:uninstall] Add force option #2073
  • [config:import:single] Improvement command. #2070

Known Issues:

  • Multisite is broken #2002
  • Drupal Console shows errors on 8.1.x

Upcoming Features

  • Separation of language
  • New structure for YAML languages files
  • Module dependency workflow - #2083

What is going to happen with Drupal Console once Drupal 8.1 is released

Drupal 8.1 will be released on April 6 and Drupal Console will have a release to support it.