Drupal Console and Beer - Enzo join us from Chongqing

April 20, 2016

This time, enzo join us from Chongqing to talk about upcoming presentations on his enzotour 2016. We also talk about the latest added features in the 0.11.3 release our very last one before the 1.0.0-alpha1 release.

The next upcoming release will be tagged once Drupal 8.1.0 got released.

Events we attended recently:

Where are we going next ?

Enzo will be participating at:

  • DrupalCamp Chongqing April 16th, China Keynote about Why invest in communities is a good business and a Drupal Console
  • Drupal Meetup Chengdu, China, April 17th , Intro session Drupal Console
  • Drupal Meetup Bangkok, Thailand, Intro session Drupal Console.

Latest release:


  • [plugin:debug] Add command #2100
  • [site:import:local] New command for "importing" existing sites. #2106 #2134

Known Issues:

  • Dependency hell is still around, even closer with the release of 8.1.0 April the 20th. We will try to take a look to Embedded Composer project

Upcoming features:

  • [generate:doc:cheatsheet] - #2109
  • [theme:template:finder] New command - Template finder #2120
  • [chain] Allow command to have placeholders - #2055

Wrapping up:

We started an initiative to rewards the Drupal Console contributors.