Drupal Console Hits 1 Million Downloads!

July 11, 2017

Isn’t it amazing how our crazy passion for all things Drupal formed this community? How a simple conversation between @jmolivas, @dmouse and @crell spiraled into an amazing community project?. What started as an idea and a learning exercise has now transformed into a community initiative beyond our wildest dreams. With 255 global contributors and 6366 commits the Drupal Console project has definitely etched a spot in the great history of Drupal. Now, we’re talking over 1 Million downloads!!

Let’s move back in time to September 2013 at DrupalCamp Costa Rica, where this project was conceived. While David Flores and Jesus Manuel Olivas were talking with Larry Garfield about Drupal 8. The introduction of Symfony Components had recently happened and at some point, Larry mentioned someone should bring the Symfony Console to Drupal 8.

That was the aha! moment. David and Jesus had been discussing the same topic but had not been writing any code, until that day... they decided to actually start working on the project.

We owe the success of the project to the users and the DC community at large. On behalf of all the volunteers who contributed to the Drupal Console project, reaching one million downloads is a testament to the collaboration and quality of work. All of us created a tool that not only transcends its basic mission, to a springboard that helps hundreds of thousands of people develop, build and deploy Drupal applications. Isn’t it awesome, the Drupal Console has been translated to 18 languages!

Pic of Jesus M. OlivasIt’s amazing how a project we started a few years ago as a Drupal 8 learning exercise, is now considered for the Drupal community a must-have tool to accelerate Drupal 8 development.” Jesus Manuel Olivas said about the milestone.

A special thanks goes to the maintainers for the time and effort they’ve put into the project since it’s infancy. You can’t say enough about the commitment and dedication they’ve displayed developing and growing a community around the Drupal Console. Cheers! to Jesus Manuel Olivas, Enzo, David Flores and Omar Aguirre.

Picture of Enzo drupal console maintainerToday I look back and I’m happy with all the time and effort I poured into the Drupal Console. I get satisfaction from the fact that so many people's lives are easier because they chose to use the Drupal Console.” Enzo said (we could feel the new Aussie’s excitement all the way in the Americas).

None of this would be possible without our corporate sponsors. We want to thank our early sponsors Anexus, FFW, Indava and more recently weKnow, who is investing a lot of time to help push DC 1.0.0 over the goal line in the next couple of weeks.

Let’s take a moment to think about how much more we can do. We need more people to help us evolve the Drupal Console into an even more helpful tool. Do what you can, help with issues, verify bugs, or even just ask questions… everything counts!

A Toast…"To the next Million!"