The DrupalConsole Launcher is a stand-alone full CLI application.

June 27, 2017

On the latest DrupalConsole release the Launcher aka the global executable is a stand-alone full CLI application. Yes, it was like this before, but at some point on RC releases when the per-site installation was introduced we removed global commands and most of the Launcher features, but after receiving feedback and analyzing the benefits, we decided to bring back the Launcher as a full CLI application.

What are the benefits?

  • Availability for global commands as init, check, chain, exec among others.
  • Load and share global configurations from the ~/.console/config.yml file.
  • Discover chain files at ~/.console/chain/ directory.
  • Load custom chain commands as site:new, quick:start and provide the ability to add custom global chain commands.
  • Support for command autocompletion.

What will change related to Launcher execution?

So far nothing. You are still able to run the command drupal from any directory within your site project or use --root option to specify your Drupal project directory.

How to try this feature?

Make sure you update the DrupalConsole and Launcher to the latest version by executing:

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