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How to download and install Drupal 8 using Drupal Console

Posted on Feb 15, 2016

The Drupal Console project provides more that one method for download and installs Drupal 8. In this blog post I will list the steps to achieve this process.


1) Using the interactive mode

Drupal site new

2) Passing arguments inline

Drupal site new inline


1) Using the interactive mode

Drupal site install

2) Passing arguments inline

Drupal site install inline

Download and install using one command

1) Copy configuration files, including sample YAML files on your system.

drupal init

2) Customize the provided sample file.

Open and edit on your preferred IDE or text editor the file `~/.console/chain/quick-start-mysql.yml`, make sure you set your database credentials properly.

3) Execute the chain command.

The previous configuration will execute several commands, in this case commands that will download and install Drupal using MySQL, and finally start the PHP's built in server, you only need to open your browser and point it to

Drupal chain

NOTE: If you want to try Drupal 8 using SQLite and save time configuring your MySQL connection credentials, you can execute this instruction.

This instruction will use the provided chain file `~/.console/chain/quick-start.yml`.

As you can imagine you can take advantage of this to try Drupal 8 quick, use it on sprints, demos and trainings.

For more information about this feature you can visit the project documentation page How to download, install and serve Drupal 8 

For instructions to install Drupal Console you can read my previous post How to install Drupal Console.