Drupal Console 1.5.0 is out. The newest release contains bug fixes and one new command.

New Features

New command generate:ajax:command helps you generate a custom ajax command.

Add support for profiles to composerize command.

New option --show-packages added to composerize command.

Extend commands loader is fixed.

Fix BC break with PHP 5.5.9



e468cbef [console] Tag 1.5.0 release. (#3684)
98023b37 [ user:* ] Update user commands. (#3683)
a8acc095 Issue 3600 missing db connection (#3680)
ec179edd Issue 3672 yml template quoted values (#3679)
f08a2faa ReMove default assignment alias in abstract class. The alias should be set in the classes which extend the FormCommand (#3678)
0935cdc8 Replace module unput call without params (#3681)
44facf3f [console] Apply PSR-2 code style. (#3677)
39c432d8 [console] Resolve missing module variable. Fix #3670 (#3671)
5aef2314 Add validator of HTTP methods. Move list of http methods to separate method and add settings for it. Change twig template to generate the methods based on HTTP methods accrodingly (#3666)
40c3bc7c Add validation of node id. Fix code structure. Replace the wrong method getTitle with getSubject. Order use statements alphabetically (#3669)
8d28be28 [generate:ajax:command] Add new command. (#3668)
1e8be8b2 [user:*] Updates for user commands (#3667)
78b6fd80 Order use statements alphabetically. Remove unused variables for drupal root. Add comment for the class. Rename base_theme to theme to be consistent with the option name. Fix coding issues (#3665)
77f518f7 [cache:rebuild] Add missing comments, order use statements alphabetically (#3663)
468ba22c [composerize] Add support for profiles. (#3675)
13db8171 [debug:event] Update display remove ending new line. (#3676)


968b76e [console] Tag 1.5.0 release. (#278)
26995e9 [console] Fix warning dirname() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given. (#277)
71ea05a [console] Add getInput() method (#275)
ee34bad [console] Load extend commands. Fix #144. (#273)


85317ff [composerize] Rename option. (#150)
f3e72ee ajax-command: Added translations for custom ajax command. (#149)


3fec012 [console] Tag 1.5.0 release. (#147)