Latest DrupalConsole rc-9 is out including several changes and fixes.

Support for command aliases

Aliases for commands added making easy to memorize by typing less. You can find aliases definition at

Support to execute the DrupalConsole Launcher on Windows platform

This PR https://github.com/hechoendrupal/drupal-console-launcher/pull/51 fixes the \\vendor\\bin\\drupal.php file not found error.

Execute DrupalConsole from any directory within your Drupal site

No need to stay at site root directory. You can now switch to any directory as modules, themes, web/modules/custom or any other directory within your Drupal site. This was possible using the DrupalFinder project

NOTE: Having a configuration file containing root: web on the site is no longer required. You can keep the file but is required to remove that value from your path/to/drupal8/console/config.yml

Improvements on the init command

The interactive mode for the init command now ask you and show a list of directories where to copy the configuration files.