Running the project

Running the project

In order to contribute you will need a working Drupal site linked to the packages you cloned and forked.

Execute the automated process

DrupalConsole provides you with a command to take care of all this process for you.

drupal develop:contribute \
--drupal=/path/to/ \

The option --drupal is the directory where the new drupal site will be created and the option --code is the parent directory where the different DrupalConsole repositories were cloned.


You must execute drupal init before in order to copy the ~/.console/chain/develop-contribute.yml on your local system.

Make sure you have the latest version of DrupalConsole. Get the latest version of DrupalConsole by following the instructions as mentioned here.

Execute all the steps manually

If you want to execute all the steps manually you can follow the instructions below:

Download Drupal and DrupalConsole

composer create-project \
drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev \ \
--prefer-dist \
--no-progress \

Install Drupal using SQLite

drupal site:install standard --db-type="sqlite" --no-interaction

NOTE: You can install drupal using MySQL by executing the site:install command and answering the questions from the interactive mode or passing the required options.

Download the Drupal Console Develop package

composer require drupal/console-develop --dev

Create a symbolic link between Drupal and forked repositories

Before to create the symlink to forked repositories, the repository must be installed via composer.

For instance if you want to contribute to the translation of Drupal Console to Spanish you must download it manually with the following command.

composer requiere drupa/console-es

This a apply for all languages and non essential packages required by default in Drupal Console project i.e drupal/console-yaml.

When you have all packages installed and your forks cloned in your directory, run the next instruction.

drupal develop:create:symlinks \

Downloading additional Drupal Console language or packages

If you want to contribute translating Drupal Console to Spanish you should:

1.- Download it on the drupal site by executing the following command.

composer require drupal/console-es

2.- Fork and clone the repo to your local directory.

3.- Execute the develop:create:symlinks again, to create symlinks including the recently added package.

This applies for additional languages and packages i.e drupal/console-yaml.

Wrapping up

Now you can do the required changes and start contributing, commit you changes, push code to your forked repositories and create a Pull Request to the respective repository.

Happy coding ... thanks for contributing to Drupal Console.