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Drupal Console 1.6.1

Posted on Feb 21, 2018

Drupal Console 1.6.1 is out. The latest release contains bug fixes. Also no longer required dependencies removed from the project and development dependencies added as suggested packages.

New Features


Required Changes

If using `.env` files, the `vlucas/phpdotenv` dependency must be installed manually using composer.

composer require vlucas/phpdotenv --dev



85a6948 Tag 1.6.1 release. (#3803)
c7e848f [dotenv] Relocate commands. (#3802)
5f1d955 [console] Suggest vlucas/phpdotenv dependency. (#3801)
db9fa88 Replace checkbox with boolean_checkbox (#3795)
31f333c Make symfony/thanks a suggestion rather than a hard requirement. (#3789)
932f2e2 [console] remove drupal/console-dotenv dependency. (#3800)
879e1b6 [console] Remove gabordemooij/redbean dependency. (#3799)
08a0c78 [console] Require drupal/console-core master. (#3798)
ed7d486 [console] Remove unused symfony/expression-language package. (#3797)
ea920a9 [composerize] Replace console.root service with drupal_finder service. (#3796)
7df301b (origin/master, origin/HEAD, drupal/master) Pass TranslatorManager through DI in order to have access to it in configure function of the command (#3763)
0c47f84 Use interface instead of classe, if it is possible (#3777)
12ef535 [create:*] Create content exception. Fix #3779 (#3781)
3741529 Fix the wrong param name (#3785)
28c464d Fix issue 3133 (#3793)


e05f954 [console] Tag 1.6.1 release. (#325)
5b5dad2 [console] Require drupal/console--en master. (#324)
162e970 [chain] Relocate metadata validation to processMetadata. (#323)
e3bed22 [debug:chain] Validate command name is valid. (#322)
b3d2c4d [chain] Fix constants array warning on PHP 5.5.9 version. (#319)
169c3ae [console] Remove duplicated directories. (#321)
e22ccaf [console] Add isValidDrupal method to DrupalFinder. (#320)
f9dbf4b Removed some warnings. (#317)
f998ed7 [console] Rename method getDrupalMessages to addDrupalMessages. (#316)
6abeb9e Propagate Drupal messages to Drupal Console (#307)
d9b655d [console] Remove extra directory separators. (#315)
094c050 [console] Return empty array if no config directories found. (#314)
cce0dbe [console] Validate file exists when phar is running. (#313)
483b8c6 [generate:site:alias] Validate no sites found. (#312)
63b8424 [debug:sites] Change invalid sites error as warning message. (#311)
97b9a31 [debug:chain] Add warning message when no chain files found. (#310)
6862cba [console] Pass default value when calling invalid_commands. (#309)
4c7962a Replace direct access to sites with getSites (#305)
4d59986 Add Console container class replace call of invalid commands (#304)
7bbdebd [console] Relocate command registration to loadCommands method. (#308)


712e60b Add missing class word (#176)


8e3984f Tag 1.6.1 release. (#156)
590f356 (origin/master) [console] Improve launcher loading of services (#155)

Update Drupal Console

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