Help us improve the Drupal Console project

June 06, 2019

Like any other open source project, the Drupal Console team defines the vision and roadmap of the project based on their own needs and their…

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Two million and counting

April 09, 2018

It’s hard to believe that we have reached two millions downloads, considering that the DrupalConsole reached its first million less than a…

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Drupal Console Hits 1 Million Downloads!

July 11, 2017

Isn’t it amazing how our crazy passion for all things Drupal formed this community? How a simple conversation between @jmolivas, @dmouse and…

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The DrupalConsole Launcher is a stand-alone full CLI application.

June 27, 2017

On the latest DrupalConsole release the Launcher aka the global executable is a stand-alone full CLI application. Yes, it was like this…

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Add DrupalConsole to a project using Acquia Lightning distribution

November 28, 2016

Lightning is a base distribution maintained by Acquia. In this short blog post you will learn how to fix the dependency conflicts when…

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Make contrib modules with DrupalConsole commands compatible with RC-1

September 21, 2016

DrupalConsole RC-1 is close, is really really close, as close as DrupalCon Dublin, less than a week at least thats our goal. Where are we…

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Help us complete the Drupal Console stable release

June 14, 2016

If you are reading this you maybe are aware or have an idea what the Drupal Console is, but in case you are not; this is a brief explanation…

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Help us complete the Drupal Console release v1.0.0

May 07, 2016

If you are reading this you maybe are aware or have an idea what is the Drupal Console, but just in case you are not; this is a brief…

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Drupal Console by the numbers

May 03, 2016

In this blog post, I will mention some interesting numbers related to the development of this project, between the first commit at Aug 2…

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Drupal Console alpha1 is now available

April 21, 2016

We are so excited to announce the first Alpha release of Drupal Console. Almost three years of working on this project and after 84 releases…

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Drupal Console and Beer - Enzo join us from Chongqing

April 20, 2016

This time, enzo join us from Chongqing to talk about upcoming presentations on his enzotour 2016. We also talk about the latest added…

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Drupal Console and Drush collaboration efforts

April 13, 2016

The Drupal Console team has analyzed the proposal of one of the Drush co-maintainers in the blog post "Modern Command Line Tools for Drupal…

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Drupal Console and Beer - Brace Yourself Alpha is Coming

April 01, 2016

In this new episode, we talk about the latest release and new features. We also discuss the upcoming release 1.0.0-alpha1 and our goal to…

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Drupal Console and Beer - Pilot Episode

March 25, 2016

We are starting a weekly hangout “Drupal Console and Beer” our goal is to keep you informed about changes on Drupal Console project. In this…

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How to download and install Drupal 8 using Drupal Console

February 15, 2016

The Drupal Console project provides more that one method for download and installs Drupal 8. In this blog post I will list the steps to…

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How to install Drupal Console

February 04, 2016

Here is a list of the required steps to properly install Drupal Console in your system. 1 ) Download the latest project version [ gist…

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Running Drupal 8 updates partially

January 20, 2016

If we are actively developing a web application that uses Drupal is normal that we require applies some changes in configuration, database…

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New years resolution 2016

December 30, 2015

Some people take their resolutions seriously others just call it a second chance to dream with their eyes open, but no one can deny having…

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