How to translate Drupal Console (app & documentation)

In order to translate the book, first you need to translate the app strings. The book translates itself afterwards with a simple command.

Cloning the required repos

You need to clone the following repos under the same parent folder (whatever it be)

  • drupal-console-core
  • drupal-console-develop
  • drupal-console-en
  • drupal-console-es [or your language to translate]
  • drupal-console-launcher

Create a new site ready to contribute

(do this only the first time)

$ drupal develop:contribute \
--drupal=/Users/leandro/Sites/translator \

Here we point out the site path with --drupal parameter and your cloned repositories path with parameter --code

Link the repositories

(do this only the first time)

$ drupal develop:create:symlinks \

--code parameter points out your repositories path

Set Drupal Console in your language

drupal settings:set language es

Go to your Drupal Console config.yml and set develop:true

(do this only the first time)

Let's translate those strings

Ok, now you got an environment ready to translate, so first of all let's synchronize new string with the following command:

drupal develop:translation:sync

Then you want to remove not already necessary strings with:

drupal develop:translation:cleanup

Now, lets check what needs to be translated with:

drupal develop:translation:pending es

es means spanish, change it according your language

Right now, you can translate your strings, the .yml files live in /config/translations

Please, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Be gender neutral.
  • Code and examples should not be translated.
  • Use a formal style. We prefer a formal tone.

Ok, so you translated all the app to your language, right? Now you want to know that the Documentation Book is translated automagically :-)

Auto-generating the docs

Let's go for the documentation: you should have a repo called if not, clone it yourself:

git clone

Now the command for automagically translate it is:

drupal develop:doc:data --file=/Users/leandro/git/

giving with the --file parameter the absolute path to the file commands-LANGUAGE_CODE.json

Contribute your work

You're all done!! Don't forget to make a pull request to the Drupal Console repos at Github including your language repo and the documentation repo!!