Contribua para esta documentação

Esta documentação é um trabalho em progresso e você pode lançar e ajudar. Simplesmente faça o fork do Drupal Console Site no GitHub. Se você ainda não contribuiu para um projeto no GitHub ou ainda não está certo de como o fluxo de trabalho se parece, leia a documentação sobre solicitações de envio. Você também pode baixar o aplicativo GitHub (Mac | Windows, o que simplifica um pouco o fluxo de trabalho e fornece uma boa GUI para suas contribuições).

This page is a meeting point for translators. If you're one, consider yourself invited to edit this page and state constancy of your opinions and your work

Guide for translators

If you would like to help in the translation of this book, consider yourself welcome. Please, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Be gender neutral.
  • Code and examples should not be translated.
  • Use a formal style. We prefer a formal tone.

Note: The files are located in /path/directory/

Generate translated all available commands

Over time, DrupalConsole programmers add more and more commands, so it's possible some available commands weren't present in this book if they are not added to the book as they are added. In order to solve this problem, with a single command is possible to generate (already translated) all the .json files belonging to all the available commands

Comand for generating documentation of all available commands currently

If you have cloned in your local machine both projects, DrupalConsole and this book, you should have this console-develop repository and execute the following command from a directory where Drupal were installed (or using the --root option):

drupal develop:doc:data --path=/path/directory/ 

(Please, check you have DrupalConsole correctly configured previously in your local machine in your desired language in order to get all the commands in your language.

You must have the following modules that activate the hidden commands to avoid overriding existing commands:

  • migrate
  • features
  • rest (core module)
  • locale (core module)
  • taxonomy (core module)

[Files will be generated in the language you have DrupalConsole configured])

Please, in case of doubt, dissent or just if you want to make a proposal, please file an issue on this repository or edit directly this page.