The Command Class

The Command Class

Custom Commands should extend any of the base Classes provided by the DrupalConsole Core project.

Extending the Base Command class

By extending the provided Base Command Class, your command will be able to take advantage of the multi-language feature provided by DrupalConsole.

1.- Import the Command Class.

use Drupal\Console\Core\Command\Command;

2.- Extend the imported Command Class.

class DefaultCommand extends Command

Extending the ContainerAwareCommand Class.

By extending the ContainerAwareCommand Class on your class for the command (instead of the more basic Command), you also have access to the service container.

In other words, you can access any configured Drupal service using the provided get method.

1.- Import the ContainerAwareCommand Class.

use Drupal\Console\Core\Command\ContainerAwareCommand;

2.- Extend the imported ContainerAwareCommand Class.

class DefaultCommand extends ContainerAwareCommand